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Trouser Trouser's Journal

Below are the 8 most recent journal entries.


  2004.08.17  23.31



(unzip your trousers)

  2001.11.01  12.56

i dare someone to go and comment on everysingle one of my posts, yes every single post in my journal.and really comment, not just things like "nice" or whatever, i want fucking COMMENTS. now. come on.


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  2001.08.21  19.08
reaching for the case

so the other night at Kai's, there was a point where (eva?) suggested we needed a bit of Trouser Trouser lively 80's shit to perk up the night. luckily we all came to our senses and threw on de'peche mode.

Mood: devious

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  2001.07.17  13.19
piss off!

haha..just jokin. :P

im really bored. noone posts in this journal so i thought that i would :)


Mood: hyper

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  2001.07.13  19.45

i need to pee


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  2001.07.09  01.47
fan # 0003

fuck you dude!
i cant belive you did this without me!
i mean.. you wouldnt have even KNOWN about them if i hadnt told you my many fantasticly hilarious stories.. and then i dont even get to add anything to the bio?!?!
wheres the justice i say.. *shake of the head*

Mood: aggravated

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  2001.07.08  23.13
fuck you ben weasel fuck you

Screeching Weasel Update (7/6/2001)

After 15 years, Screeching Weasel has split up. I know our first two break-ups didn't last but as they say, the third time's the charm. Future activities of the band members may or may not be posted here.
Over and out.
Ben Weasel

Mood: pissed off

(unzip your trousers)

  2001.07.08  21.38
i've got nothing to do... number one procrastinator

i've got nothing to say
but i'll say it to you later


(unzip your trousers)